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Roberto Tinoco Duran is the author of six books of poetry: A Friend of
Sorrow - 1980; Triple Crown - 1987; Reality Ribs – 1993 (Bilingual
Press/ASU/AZ); Darkspark – 2006; Ace Race Card – 2010; and Maximum in
Minimum - 2016. His work has been published in numerous anthologies, and
literary journals in the US and abroad. Duran has worked with, and taught
poetry in homeless shelters, mental health agencies, and at City of San Jose
programs working with ‘at risk’ kids. He has performed and recited his poetry
for nearly 40 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Roberto has
performed and collaborated with many well known poets and writers including
world renowned performance artist Guillermo Gomez Pena. Videographer
Emilio Ratti of RAI Television, Milan, Italy, has produced numerous video from
2000 – 2016, featuring Roberto’s signature live performances from the streets
of San Jose, California. Duran’s poetry was featured by director River
O’Mahony Hagg in the 35mm experimental short film “86ed Again” which
premiered at the San Diego Film Festival in 2002. Duran’s vocals and original
poetry are showcased in four Music/Spoken word albums: “86ed Again” –
2001; “Poetry Pie” - 2003; and “Darkspark” – 2007; and “The Poet” – 2010.

"The Jaguar Poet"


Roberto Tinoco Duran

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